I Pistacchiotti: la ricetta siciliana per una merenda veloce e sfiziosa

Pistacchiotti: the Sicilian recipe for a quick and delicious snack

Pistachiotti are quick and perfect biscuits for a super tasty snack.
Let's discover the recipe together


Pour into a bowl  pistachio cream from Antica Bottega Siciliana, add the egg and mix until a smooth cream is obtained.
Sift the flour and add the pistachio cream, mix until it is absorbed.
After having transferred the dough to a surface, it will be necessary to create pieces of dough weighing about 20 grams each.
Then you will have to round the pieces of dough and bake for 12 minutes at 170°.

Finally, let the pistachios cool for about ten minutes and fill the hollows of the biscuits.
Finally, we decorate with the grain of Sicilian pistachios.

Pistachiotti will finally be ready!

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