Il progetto di Antica Bottega Siciliana

The project of Antica Bottega Siciliana

What is Antica Bottega Siciliana?

Antica Bottega Siciliana was born out of love for Sicily, with the aim of discovering and enhancing the territory, history and culture through the products and the people who produce them.

Recovering, narrating, innovating and making the typical products of Sicilian food and wine available on the market under a single brand is the mission of Antica Bottega Siciliana so that every taste becomes a sensory experience, as well as an emotion , to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

All Antica Bottega Siciliana products are made by local entrepreneurs who cultivate, produce and transform the raw materials with techniques recovered from ancient peasant recipes, far from industrial logic.

Why choose Antica Bottega Siciliana? ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​For the values ​​we express, each of our products is based on three cardinal principles:


For several months we toured Western Sicily in search of the best local food products with the aim of bringing them together under a single brand.
The result is a series of rigorously selected products that are able to give a unique experience. The goal we set ourselves is to offer an increasingly broader catalog that satisfies even the most demanding palates.


All our products are made by local realities that grow, produce and transform the raw materials with artisanal techniques, often coming from ancient peasant traditions.
For this reason, all our products are "made by hand” and away from industrial logic.


Environmental, territorial and consumer protection.
All stages of production and distribution of our products are always carried out in compliance with the criteria of environmental sustainability and low impact.

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